Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ok so, didn't have the best weekend ever, but it is over now, and hopefully for the better. Really hoping that my children learned something fom their mistakes, guess thats all we can ask for as parents, reasonably anyways. Kids are hard, raising kids is harder, being efficent in raising is the hardest part ever. You give and give to the lil buggers,a,d they just dont seem to arpreciate anything at all. So it was a pretty depressing weekend of being trampled over,a nd lashing out about it,and sleeping for longperiods of time to escape it all. But, I think it is all for the better now. I actually had kids wash my dished this weekend so that is a start. god help us. On the bright side, I managed to stay in my grocery budget for two weeks in a row. didn't get any super recipies created, but non the less we are doing better. The one recipie we did get down was meatball subs. taste great, no time to make, and last for a dinner and a lunch for all 6 of us, so can't complain there. also, in my hiding from my children, I did get to catch up on my sleep, which is great, except that it is 11;30 pm and I'm wide awake, so I think i'm going to clean up from the weekend tonight. that way i can be ready in the morning for school and what not. Hailey has been doing school work this weekend, which is a shock, but I will gladly take it. If she could just do that everyday, we would be fine. all it take sis two hours a day and she would never have to ever walk into a school building ever again. Ho humm, we shall see :) Still don't wanna send Luca to school, but I feel pressured to d it. If i get him caught up this summer i dont think im going to send him. I really dont want to. i love him, and I want him home with me. We can have so much fun,a nd we can go out and do stuff with other people. i will have to get my YMCA membership back up and running, but I think we might keep him home again. Hmm, we shall see. I think I'm just going to pray and pray and let the Universe guide me :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Day One :)

So, I'm one my journey here to some how be cheaper than I already I;m sure y kids are going to love this...hehe. I think I am going to kick this thing off with a new fiscal budget. I read on The Peaceful Mom website, that you just add up your monthly bills, divide by 4 weeks,and then deposit that amount of money into a seperate account. The remainder of that money goes into an account to divide between groceries,and gas, and other expenses. Then you set aside whatever is left for savings. So yeay! Then, I am finding cheap recipies and working off of a menu, so we do not ever spend money on fast food, and things we will not eat. Wish me luck, I will need it!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ok, so I am really going to do this...again...

Ok, so I'm going to try to do this blogging thing again. Money has drawn me to do this. I am going to find a way to budget my life. People with far less, make it way further than I seem to be able to, right now that is, but i'm going to figure this out. I as couponing, but the mongral horders have taken over, since that show on TLC...sad face. Then, I started making my on cleaners, which BTW, is a great idea. They work way better than the stuff you an purchase in the store anyway. Ummm...lets see, what else, oh, I use the library...responsibly...finally. That is where I rent movies for FREE!! I cut off cable,kept the internet and got netflix.That has helped a lot actually,and I am currently trying to figure out the cell phone circuit. So, I figure that i can not be the only one in this boat, so I wanted to share my journey with the interwebs, and if anything my searching finds, can help anyone else, then yeay for us all!
Heather :)